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M.G. Series TC, MPA 894 (1948)

Having driven an M.G. TC for over thirty five years, much has been experienced! The first article I wrote was printed in Safety Fast during 1980, and the front cover featured my photograph of the cathedral in Firenze.   Major trips in this car have included the towns and cities of Paris, Geneve, Lugano, Roma, Salamanca, and Madrid;  and a trip with Christine to the Champagne region based at a Champagne house in Ay was particularly memorable in 2008.  Alpine expeditions have included the massive and renowned Stelvio Pass, the Simplon and the Grimsel.  Monthly accounts of daily driving in this car appeared in the Totally T Type magazine a few years ago and this is now accessible through the M.G. Car Club T Register website.  I served on the T Register committee as Competitions Secretary for six years, 2003 to 2009.  T Racing regulations are still available from me at c.tinker@uwclub/net.  

The car was originally bought in Kent in late 1972, a beautiful yellow and thus named (and within the family still known as) the 'Noddy Car'  and served as my only transport for many years, until I moved to South Africa in '80 when, in my absence from England for three years, the car was rebuilt by Tony Wood of Northallerton. At that time it was finished in blue, and shortly afterwards served as my mode of transport for our honeymoon.  Major work was also undertaken in 1987, when the car was finished in BRG.  

The M.G. has undergone extensive restoration during 2010 near Bentley (a satisfying name!), Ipswich.  Tom Pizzey did a superb job, and photos of this can be seen in the photo gallery on this website.  I would recommend him to everyone who owns a Classic, for minor work up to full restoration.

Trips with the M.G. this year were limited due to the restoration, but included a superb post-restoration journey to my brother's abode in Mortagne sur Perche in France.